Sustainability in Manufacturing

Burnetts' target is to manufacture products that our customers require whilst preventing the depletion of natural or physical resources, so that they will remain available for the long term.

We focus on the three key areas of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social impact.

As such we are continually investigating and reducing our energy use, lessening the impact of our processes on the environment. Whilst ensuring our staff have our commitment to human rights and working conditions.

Reducing our energy use is not only an economic target it also benefits the environment by reducing emissions. Burnetts continues to work on lower temperature materials to reduce energy use but also invests in the latest machinery to improve efficiency. We are focusing on reducing waste streams through investment in advanced material handling systems during processing.

Recycled content materials are now increasing in focus throughout the plastic industry. Development of materials with acceptable performance characteristics and processing repeatability are being developed more and more. Burnetts continue to offer trials in these new materials to reduce the environmental impact of plastic by recycling. 

We are also focused on reducing our packaging use and where possible utilising returnable containers and methods.

Our ongoing measurement in this area is uploaded each year to SAQ. Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/Sustainability for suppliers in the automotive value chain.

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