Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

Burnetts has been designing and supplying innovative products into the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years.

The industry relies on high specification, high quality products to guarantee the safety of its on and offshore equipment – this is where Burnetts has the competitive advantage.

Our automated production capabilities and computerised camera inspection technology ensure that all of our parts meet strict industry standards and reach the customer without fault.

Burnetts’ parts are used to support the major players in the oil and gas industry all over the world, from the Far East to the Americas.

Rubber Cable Gland Seals

We design and manufacture various seals, of all shapes and sizes, in neoprene or silicone rubber. They are produced to meet the strict requirements of hazardous areas and come in distinguishing colours and hardness.

Backnut Seals

These are made using specialist silicone rubber with LSFZH properties. They are ozone and oil resistant and are suitable for use at extreme temperatures – both high and low. We design seals for a range of cable diameters to IP66, IP67, IP68 and NEMA 4X ingress protection.

Universal Diaphragm Seals

We produce these in liquid silicone to provide a diaphragm seal on the inner sheath of a cable. They are designed so that they do not damage cables that exhibit cold flow characteristics, while still offering the high standard of seal over a range of diameters in the same gland.

Deluge Seals

We use tailored compounds to prevent moisture ingress to cable armour or braid, and manufacture the seals in red or black neoprene rubber. They conform to the industry deluge protection standard DTS01.

Inner Seal

This seal is shaped by the tightening of a nut on the gland and provides a seal on a cable’s inner sheath. Made from black neoprene rubber, it suits a range of cable sizes.

Rubber Transit Seals

These are highly specialised seals made from intumescent, halogen-free rubber and are used when a wall or bulkhead has a cable or pipe running through it. The seal protects the integrity of the structure, particularly those that are exposed to risk from hazards including fire and smoke, water ingress, toxic gases or vermin.

Tolerant Blocks

These are extremely tough and are moulded as two halves. Different sized blocks are fitted into a metal frame, which can be cemented or bolted into a wall or bulkhead. The blocks have five sealing faces, which are displaced within the frame during the process. This results in a tolerance of up to 4mm for cable diameters.

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