Consumer Packaging

Consumer Packaging

We produce in excess of 30 million silicone spring hinges every year, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to supplying the consumer packaging industry.

A safer alternative to metal or plastic hinges, our springs are used primarily for opening plastic cases and boxes. The characteristics of Burnetts’ silicone compound allows our springs to stand in a compressed position for long periods of time without any loss of functionality.

Among the springs we produce are:

Silicone Dogbone Spring

A highly sophisticated liquid silicone injection moulding, this is fitted between a plastic lid and its box to perform a spring release action at the push of a button.

Silicone Flat Spring

These are produced in different shapes and easily adjusted to suit a variety of applications. A typical use is a spectacle case, which has small silicone strips on both the base and the lid of the case that flip open when a clip is released.

Gaskets and Seals

Liquid silicone rubber gaskets and seals are widely used in the packaging industry when a dust and water-tight connection is needed. They can be re-used because they do not compress and lose shape.

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