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As an expert supplier to global blue-chip companies in the battery industry, Burnetts helps to power everything from forklift trucks to railroads. Our attention to detail, fast turnaround times, and camera inspection technology means we can be trusted to be the driving force behind our customers’ products without compromising on quality.

Typical battery components we manufacture include grommets, vent valves, cut washers, bottom bars and TPV/TPE seals.  We supply in excess of 80M parts per year to the battery sector.

We develop and test many new materials each year for the battery sector. We supply products in these technical compounds improving performance and stretching the capability of materials.

Battery Component Expertise Includes:

Bunsen Vent Valves

These valves are produced in either EPDM or neoprene compounds, exclusively developed and tested by the Burnetts technical department. Typically, the parts are moulded in pads and machine cut before being washed to remove dirt and grit particles. The finished product is then tested to ensure vent and reseal pressure integrity.

Pillar Grommets

Burnetts produces around 11 million pillar grommets a year, making us the experts in motive power battery grommets the world over. Manufactured through a fully automated process, every part must pass a camera inspection test before being oiled and packed.

The quality of our rubber compound and our ability to deliver quickly and accurately means that this product is the first choice of the world’s leading battery company and widely regarded as the best in its field.


Burnetts is the number one supplier of seals to the motive and standby battery industry. Moulded tubes are precision cut on an automatic machine to produce pinpoint accurate washer pillar seals and the Burnetts bespoke O section sealing rings.

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