Prototype and Development

How do you assess a product and ensure it does what it is expected to do, without the cost of a full production tool?

At Burnetts we have the answer.

Prototyping of products using a reduced number of cavities allows us to assess the manufacturing of a product. We are committed to providing this at the lowest cost possible to ensure you can assess and develop products that are ready for scaling up to full manufacturing in volume.

We can provide a selection of methods including soft tooling and reduced cavities or within a bolster set to ensure the development is completed in a rapid time frame.

Our most recent success development includes a rapid prototype silicone that offers all the strength and performance of a normal silicone material.  Indeed, the same material could in theory be used in production, thereby reducing the validation period or having to apply a full prototype tool as a further step. Where only limited quantities are required, we can produce this in a non-conventional method in a short time and at a fraction of the cost of a steel tool.   This method is at an early stage of development, and we continue to revise and improve the process for the benefit of our customers.

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