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Marine Rubber & Plastic

Burnetts supplies high quality, reliable seals and blocks to shipyards across the world from Europe to the Far East. Our products are also used on luxury Italian cruise ships.

With more than two decades of experience supplying to the Marine industry, we specialise in:

Rubber Transit Seals

These were the first products that Burnetts ever produced and, thanks to our unique rubber compound, are widely regarded as being the best in the industry. These highly specialised seals are made from intumescent, halogen-free rubber and are used when a wall or bulkhead has a cable or pipe running through it. The seal protects the integrity of the structure, particularly those that are exposed to risk from hazards including fire and smoke, water ingress, toxic gases or vermin.

Tolerant Blocks

These are extremely tough and are moulded as two halves. Different sized blocks are fitted into a metal frame, which can be cemented or bolted into a wall or bulkhead. The blocks have five sealing faces, which are displaced within the frame during the process. This results in a tolerance of up to 4mm for cable diameters.

Round Transit Frames

This is one of the most effective ways of sealing cables and pipes that pass through circular spaces from fire, gas, water and other potentially damaging elements. The highly tolerant seal is formed when compression bolts are tightened within rings, expanding the system and creating a robust pressure seal.

Blank Filler Blocks

Blank filler blocks are made of the same unique material and in the same modular size range as our tolerant blocks. These are designed to fill unused space within a frame and are integral to maintaining the clamp pressure, coming through either the compression plate on rectangular frames or the bolts on round transit frames.

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