Rubber and Plastic Components

Rubber and Plastic Injection Moulding

Burnetts is an expert in production of technical components in high volumes to various industries. We develop rubber and plastic products from inception through DFM (Design for Manufacturing), material selection and testing through to full production and ongoing customer support.

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We have the expertise and flexibility to look at things differently thereby ensuring you get the best possible products manufactured to suit your application.

Involving us at the start of your product design is the best way to ensure a part performs as required at the costs targeted.

Everything we supply is produced, tested and shipped from our site in Northampton, UK

Battery Components

Battery Components

Supplying battery components powering everything from forklift trucks to railroads and automotive systems. Our expertise includes Bunsen Vent Valves, Pillar Grommets and Seals.

Rubber Components

Rubber component moulding, injection moulding of parts, compression moulding, rubber to metal bonding, printing and assembly. Anything from Seals and Mouldings to Gaskets.

Silicone Components

Silicone Rubber provides long service life in adverse environments offering high and low temperature resistance along with superb resistance to weathering, ozone and UV.

Plastic Moulding

Injection moulding of engineering thermoplastics. We are experts in car battery box and automotive parts, appliance and power tool components and electrical and cable parts.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

TPE is a unique class of engineering materials combining the look, feel and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber, while at the same time offering the processing efficiency of plastics. 

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