Rich Dixon

A chat with our Technical Sales Manager

A chat with our Technical Sales Manager

It’s been just over two years since Rich Dixon joined Burnetts.  We asked his thoughts on the role he works in and what the company is about.

“Over the last two plus years, Burnetts has changed considerably.  Burnetts was a outstanding supplier already, we know this from the feedback we received each year, but we have pushed this to a different level.   

Yes, we have grown and added new business and customers.  The development of the management team is a key strength with experience being added to the team.   The push to continuous improvement is throughout the business, times are exciting, nothing is a barrier to future growth and as a UK a supplier we are proud of our reputation which is growing.

As for the role I’m in, I was asked only yesterday…. “What’s it like to work in sales, do you enjoy it?” 

Hmm.. I considered the question raised and in reality, I’ve never truly been in sales.   I started as an apprentice in precision engineering, making component and tools…. “turning handles”, if you know you know, 😉.   Old school engineering, hands on.

From that point on understanding customers issues, understanding the application, solving their problems and proactively pushing improvements in design and materials.   Without a basis of the underlying details, it is challenging to provide an all-encompassing solution.   From problem, design, tolerancing, assembly, DFM, to how many parts in a box, it all goes to supporting the end product, to finally achieve and give the customer faultless supply.

This is the part of the role I enjoy the most.   Working with other people to solve their issues but moreover understanding the issue they need to surmount.

As I’ve moved forward in my career, I have experienced many different challenges and opportunities to input my thoughts, along with each of the customers technical team that we have worked with.   As an engineering led company this has become the key part to selling… we solve problems, provide solutions, offer benefits and give ongoing support.

Without the support of the technical team I work with internally, the material suppliers, the various toolmakers and experts on equipment we work with on a daily basis, the job wouldn’t come together on each product / project as it does.

Success is a shared ownership between all those who offer their expertise and with the end customer.   Listening and gaining knowledge never stops.   My thanks to all those in these areas that share their knowledge so readily.

Rich Dixon

Technical Sales Manager – Burnetts Manufacturing Limited

Sales guy, marketing?...   I may have sales in my title but not really no….   I’m an engineer first and foremost.
Rich Dixon
Rich Dixon
Technical Sales Manager

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